حالة الاشتراك
غير ملتحق
600 L.E

Totalfit Youth Online Camp   

– Totalfit Egypt is part of the global fitness movement of Totalfit In 86 countries training: body, mind, and spirit
– While everything around us is shutting down during this time of the vast spread of Coronavirus: we would love to use this time to highly encourage you to transform this crisis into a great opportunity.

Introducing Totalfit Online

– We are going to help you to do so by bringing Totalfit to your home!
– We will provide you with the best, live: body, mind and spirit coaching on an amazing e-learning platform.

Registration and CAMP Information

– Once you register, you will sign up for classes with one of our coaches that will be with you and support you throughout this transformational journey.
– You will join a group of 3-5 where you will enjoy fitness challenges and missions.
– The duration of this camp will last 7 days (one week).

Points and Rewards

– Your goal as a Totalfit Youth Athlete is to score as many points as possible.
– You will be rewarded with points as you work through the missions presented by our coaches.
– They will assign you a BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT mission to complete during your day until you meet the next day.
– These points will count towards an amazing hand delivered prize! (Totalfit Merch)
– Build Up to Totalfit Youth Camp
– We are planning a Totalfit Youth Camp where we will be uniting youth from all over the world in the grounds of Egypt.
– You will receive the chance to get an official discount on your camp registration fees if your group of 3-5 win our ONLINE CAMP.
– We are so excited to take on this journey with the youth of Egypt and we believe in spreading holistic positivity in the time of crisis: BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT. Thank you.

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محتوى الدرس
محتوى الدرس
محتوى الدرس
محتوى الدرس
محتوى الدرس
محتوى الدرس
محتوى الدرس

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