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TransformUs company

TransformUs is a company where we integrate both theories and professional knowledge along with personal life and business experiences. Transferring them through the most effective, accessible approaches and techniques using a technological platform that will congregate an assembly of effective leaders and entrepreneurs in different sectors to make this transition from theory to practice with confidence and effectiveness.

Here we also aim to develop and equip parents and children to acquire professional knowledge, updated best practices and to develop personal answers as well as optimum solutions to their very personal challenges.

We provide awareness sessions and Individual group coaching by a group of very high profiles professionals and certified coaches.


One of TransformUs’ services to build and develop the most effective leaders (parents, teachers, community leaders). These specialized professional training are offered in two methods.

Nour.Academy e-Learning Platform.

Provides interactive professional e-learning courses besides different courses for parents and effective leaders in the community.
You can benefit from these interactive courses with certificates here.


Nour.Academy team

Samuel Magdy

Founder and director of a TransformUs company

Nirvana Saied

Founder & CEO of TransformUs

Peter Awad

Platform manager and designer, Nour Academic

Training team

Dr. Marlene Bastawros

Master degree in Psychology and Neurology- Cairo University

Dr. Sameh Hunasser

International consultant and trainer, MA in Communication Technology from Indiana University

Tamer Isaac

Professional consultant and trainer, Certified Coach, MBA, DCC, CCC

Maher Al-Dabaa

Professor of Psychology at the American University in Cairo (AUC)

Maryam Medhat

Positive parenting specialist and trainer

Maged Mounir

Human development specialist and trainer

Baher Mirhom

Personal development specialist and trainer

The team of consultants

Professional team and expert consultants. Know more

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